Neil Aughton
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Your posture is the determining factor for every movement your body makes.

Posture. Does merely hearing this word make you sit up right in your seat, walk a little taller or pull your shoulders back?

The Human body will seek the path of least resistance.

Hours and hours engaging in a repetitive movement patterns like sitting, texting or even working out causes cumulative stress. Hips, neck, shoulders, lower back, etc can all suffer. Its vital that we work to appose or correct these and take advantage of your body’s multifaceted abilities. In my experience this is an essential cornerstone of not only feeling great right now but as a preventative measure to injury or pain in the long term, training on top of dysfunction can be disastrous.

It’s all about you…

Our lives are so busy these days. In all honesty most people find any form of exercise hard work. Ring a bell? Well with a comprehensive training plan and a personal guide you can change this. Having confidence in your exercise and understanding how it’s helping you will naturally encourage and motivate you.

We make nutrition so complicated as a form of procrastination. For example teaching our self how to eat rather than what to eat. In reality, nutrition is just about energy balance. If we get proteins, carbs, fat quantities right we can pretty much eat anything we want.

You’re not alone…

Think of me as your health and fitness 00 Agent, on a mission planning all the steps to hit your goals. Encouragement and accountability will keep you inspired and on track.

I will show you how to rewire the system and oppose these bad habits. You will feel comfortable on the gym floor with your tailored program at your fingertips. All your exercises will be available through an application that you can easily access from any mobile device. Detailing everything from goals to reps.

Although remote coaching enables me to reach and help people worldwide. I love to coach in person and have done for over 10 Years. New Yorker’s APPLY.

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