Neil Aughton
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Generous Words from Some of my Clients

I have to say, I love all my clients dearly

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“I found Neil through a flier. My wife was sick of my aches and pains and my start/stop attempts to get some exercise. I have some joint issues which make many forms of exercise difficult, in particular weight training, which I happen to enjoy. It is with these challenges holding me back that I sought a trainer. I found Neil by sheer luck.

Neil is unique in that he has a detailed understanding of anatomy. When I brought up my pain points and weaknesses to him, he could identify the underlying muscle groups and design a specific workout to address them. Over the course of months working with Neil I gained flexibility and strength in exactly the ways I wanted.

I did not come to Neil to gain muscle mass (per se) or look better. I wanted to feel better and Neil delivered. I will add that I had worked with other trainers in the past who were unable to help me as Neil was able. He can apply a deep understanding of his field to real problems and help you get results.”

—Andrew S. New York, NY

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I was having trouble motivating myself to work out on my own and thought a trainer would help me get on track. Over the years, Neil has taught me the fundamentals of an effective work out: form and consistency.

As a result, I’ve achieved a physical strength that was lacking prior to working with him.
Neil is relentless (in the best possible way) in holding me accountable for working out and paying attention to nutrition. I’m now mindful of what a healthy diet looks like and how it impacts my physical state. I’ve also acquired a treasure-trove of movements and work outs that I’ll be able to apply in the future.

What impresses me most about Neil is his unwavering commitment to his clients. From the very beginning, he has always been able to asses and determine a routine that best fits my goals, and has always adapted his work outs to whatever physical limitations I’ve faced over the years.The sessions constantly evolved avoiding any redundancy and monotony, which is critical to a person such as myself.

Neil is a person of remarkable character; sincere, dedicated, thoughtful, and has a fierce sense of humor— a necessity for me.

-Kit C, New York, NY

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I have been training with Neil since 2011. I achieved the most amazing results working with Neil. It took me some time to understand his philosophy to his training regimen, but it truly does work.

Neil doesn’t necessarily believe in the heavy weight training and boring cardio machines. He focuses on stretching, balance and inner physical improvements. His workouts are compact and concise and he certainly makes sure you address any issues you may be experiencing.

I currently train with Neil and I am very happy with him. If you are looking for GREAT results please reach out to Neil. He even does home visits.

—Albert D. Brooklyn, NY