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Exercise pairings for a lean, posture strong body Part 1


Alright alright – We all know we should be exercising its on that ‘daily lifestyle list’ with work, grocery shopping, sleeping, calling your mum to say you love her, etc. unfortunately just walking through the gym door and walking out after an hour doesn’t mean you maximized your training time or engaged in an effective workout. We should never think of it like ticking a box just because we showed up.

Inspired yet ? Sorry I’m just setting the scene.

First of all its not that hard really. You have (if your lucky) 2 arms, 2 legs and a torso. and they move around in different ways. When we add resistance to these movements its called exercise! And almost any form of it is better than non. However with some basic understanding you can totally expedite the process.

The Video details complimentary movement patterns with progressions and regressions.

Here I show Upper Body Exercises which we categorize as Push/Pull. My hope is that after watching you will have more confidence in how the human body best responses to exercise at its foundation. Building a blue print for you to create your own workout plans.

Unfortunately even the most simple of exercises can be poorly executed the majority. Which is a shame because the full profit of these movements is missed. For example holding the hips correctly during a Push Up can have huge gain in Anterior Core stability. Not to mention the difference between strengthening or weakening the shoulder just through the slightest of weight shifts.

Anyway the details are in the video, the exercises start at 6:40 so if you don’t want to hear me blab on in the Intro feel free to skip forward.

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