Neil Aughton
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Direction, Accountability and Inspiration

My Online Coaching Platform will give you the perfect map to navigate you to your Fitness Goals.

Through detailed assessment we figure out the most stead fast and realistic route to take. But most importantly along the journey you will establish a solid understanding of what actually works related to both movement and nutrition. And DSC_1566with this become self sufficient in your health. Before you even enter the gym you will know what’s needed to be done. And during each session have in the palm of your hand the information to execute.

Staying on the correct path.

Things change all the time in our lives; job, family, and it’s usually our Fitness Training that suffers. Ironically it’s in these moments we need solid exercise and nutrition. Keeping us fully functional and healthy enabling us to help ourselves and others. Anticipating these eventuality’s I find solutions to keep you on your health goal path. 100% comprehensive support.

Fitness and Nutrition are not complicated

The only way it will work and become sustainable is to harmonize it with your life. Maybe you have limited gym assess or none at all. Don’t want to give up your favorite frozen yogurt. None of these are obstacles with proper
The thing is its pretty simple and not in the least boring; Understanding the ‘problem’ so to speak, Cultivating good habits and making it a lifestyle.

In Person

Although remote coaching enables me to reach and help people worldwide. I love to coach in person and have done for over 10 Years. Please contact me for availability and more details on this or even just to say ello ☺