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Top 3 mobility tools for the beginner….

There’s not one of my clients that doesn’t own one or all of the tools I will mention in this post. And they tell me daily, that now they have them and apply the techniques I program – they couldn’t live without them.


Not only can they now manage their pain and know their ‘problem areas’.

They have unlocked potential in their body’s that has made them more efficient at movement and exercise resulting in more energy. Less fatigue – whilst engaging in day to day activities, such as sitting at a computer. And more awareness of what positions and patterns are healthy.

When you address your imbalances and restrictions and learn correct movement – wonderful things will happen !

Your body is encased in a web of fascia – a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue covering, separating, or binding together your muscles, organs, and soft structures – that transmits movement throughout your body. Musculoskeletal pain (pain affecting bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves) is one way for your body to tell you that something is wrong – that you are moving incorrectly, you are in a poor position, you are injured, and/or something is stiff or restricted. Its this exact pain we target and eliminate.

So for less than the price of a cup-a-coffee you can start sorting shit out. Here’s what you need.




The Foam Roller is the most common mobility tool, something you will find in most gyms. With it you can cover multiple muscle groups simultaneously with its large surface area. They come in one and three foot lengths. The three foot allows for a little more versatility – for example you can lay on top of it (parallel) which can give some other options for mobilizations that the Foot long does not. As Far as density the Black ones are typically firmer and the White softer. Sometimes to effect real change in your tissue you need a pressure and density that most conventional rollers just won’t provide. In this case a PVC Pipe works fantastically well or if your a Barbell.

It speaks to just how much dysfunction we are carrying around with us that something as malleable as the Foam Roller can cause such a painful reaction.

A small ball such as a Lacrosse Ball should be in everyone’s gym bag, hand bag or backpack. Unlike the foam roller its something you can take anywhere and should take everywhere. Due to it’s spherical nature it allows for targeting specific problem areas that might not be accessible by the foam roller.

if your graduating from the foam roller it might a good idea to start with small ball that’s a little softer such as a Tennis Ball or Therapy Ball. However you will find yourself limited due to the lack of pliability and hollow nature of the Tennis Ball – It is designed for tennis after all. So although this type of ball will work if its all you have until you can afford the 3 bucks for a Lacrosse Ball.

Still on the theme of Balls – This is a clever make shift mobilizer – perfect for working up and down the spine specifically, in a way that address each vertebra individually. For example middle back (thoracic) stiffness is almost an epidemic these days. With this tool we can really zero in on this issue. Other areas include the calves, quads and forearms. You will need some athletics tape to bind the two ball together. Again two tennis balls would also do the job or even a dog toy or similar shape and size.



There are most definitely other gizmos and devices available but with numerous mobilizations (massage techniques) you could go years with your basic Foam Roller and Ball.

So now begs the question what the hell do I do with all these balls and big long foam tube. Well if you take a look over at my Instagram account you will find many examples of different techniques you can apply immediately. And I upload daily.

In conclusion..

“The effectiveness of your current workouts will only be as good as your body’s ability to perform the specific movements within them”.

Addressing your Musculoskeletal Pain and Soft Tissue might not directly help you to shed body fat or Deadlift 500 pounds for reps, but what it will do is help you maximize your body’s ability to correctly engage in your chosen sport/exercise. Which in turn will help you to run better, lift better, sit better, sleep better…




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