Neil Aughton
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I’m an Englishman living in New York City

‘Established and educated in sunny England. Adopted and continued education in New York City’

As a competitive athlete and lover of Human Movement, it was a natural transition for me to use my knowledge and personal experience to help others in achieving results related to their fitness goals.

My Coaching Story…

I’ve been coaching in NYC since 2007 and before that in Europe. I launched my online training platform in 2015, after realizing how many people I could reach using the wonders of the internet. With over 10 years of formal schooling and up to 5,000 hours of both in house training and numerous certifications, the truth is my real education came over the many years I spent apprenticing along side great coaches and learning different techniques that have given me the skills to provide a highly accomplished service. When it comes to the human body change is constant and so learning and continuing education is vital for me therefore it’s my life’s work.

Crossing the pond…

During my time in the UK, clientele were predominantly athletes or competitors. Since crossing the water and living in a City I quickly realized fat loss and muscle gain where the words on everyone’s lips. As a result my Training approach had to change but what struck me more than anything was the negative effect the City job had on the body. So although I was changing peoples body composition (lean and sexy) I made it a personal goal to prevent clients inevitable neck pain and bad backs.With the majority of my coaching and learning taking place in England I have discovered my presentation to be somewhat unique, as it translates to clients on this side of the water, but with such a positive response I feel this has been one of the keys to my success. So as an honorary New Yorker I am proud to serve the people of this city and the rest of the world.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching: ‘Always relating back to the science of the body as the most effective method for results. Good training is simply marked by progress or a positive adaptation to certain stimulation.’

Through assessment we establish your individualized needs and goals, how they relate to your lifestyle and discuss the coaching necessary to make this become a reality. “To make authentic change you have to be systematic in your approach” I love to teach/coach people about their ‘human form’ guiding them along the path to achieve the potential of what they have – and everyone is different.

How to Get Results

Getting the body you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be complicated but it does require an educated approach. By gaining some in-site into why you are doing – what you are doing – getting stronger, leaner, and healthier, etc, will become less of a grind. Working directly together you will learn correct technique, and what’s required to put you on the fast track to fulfilling your wishes. No doubt making some new discoveries along the way. For me, coaching clients is a labor of love. To this end, I offer training that is individualized, high quality, compassionate and it fucking works…

The meaning of life…

If your still awake at this point.. here’s a little uncommon knowledge about me.

I ‘m a meditator, but not in the sense of “hey man let’s relax, light an incense candle and think about nothing for a while”. Rather I’m talking from point of view that my reality and present existence is created by my mind and I want to understand this connection in order to lead the most meaningful life. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the mind and consciousness.

I can say with confidence that meditation has helped me exponentially in every facet of my life.